Early Relational Experiences, Trauma and Touch

maart 1, 2018 – maart 4, 2018 hele dag
Early Relational Experiences, Trauma and Touch
Early Relational Experiences, Trauma and Touch

Datum: 1 t/m 4 maart 2018
Tijd: 10:00 - 18:00
Docent: Michael Mokrus, engelstalig
Locatie: Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA Amsterdam
Voor wie: bodyworkers, trauma therapeuten en psychotherapeuten
Prijs: € 440,= met een aanbetaling van € 100,= reserveer je je plaats
Accreditatie: VNT en VBAG
Beschikbaarheid: welkom, er is nog plaats!


Early Relational Experiences, Trauma and Touch

Research shows, that touch is at the foundation of our relational experiences, the fundamental mode of the caregiver-infant relationship before the capacity for language develops. Through touch we form an image of our body and its boundaries, a sense of embodiment, that contains all our experiences on a neuro-physiological, emotional, behavioral and cognitive level.

This seminar provides an understanding of the importance of intentional touch in learning self-regulation and working with the implicit memory and challanges of the relational matrix of early live. We´ll explore the interplay between bodily experiences, emotional and mental states in order to support developmental progression and integration of our capacity to relate to ourself and others. Participants will learn specific tools to implement touch in their respective therapeutic practice supporting „bottom-up“ integration while exploring psychological patterns „top-down“.

During the workshop we´ll be using different methods supporting learning: lectures, presentations, mindful based exercises, demonstration sessions and structured exchange sessions of the understanding and tools.

Topics covered

  • introducing intentional touch to address different systems in the body: muscles and connective tissue, organs, brain and central nervous system
  • specific handholds to support the development of healthy boundaries, resilience, coherence and organization
  • working with the experiences of relational dynamics of preverbal states (implicit relational knowledge)
  • somatic mindfulness and resonance
  • working in present time while exploring the personal history
  • introducing aspects of osteopathic understanding about the neuro-affective regulation of the „fluid body“
  • relating to and regulating different structures of the brain through touch and intention
  • what to do, when clients have difficulties or aren´t able to access their body, or develope symptoms when reconnecting to it

This seminar is designed for trauma-, body- and psychotherapists wanting to deepen their understanding about early developemental trauma and integrating touch into their respective practices.

When you want to subscribe from another country then the Netherlands, please contact petra@akademie.nl for further details.

When you cancel your participation, the registration fee of 100 euro is not refundable.

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